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Super Mario Winter Chaos


 Bowser didn't steal the Princess this time... But he stole... Christmas! The Winter Star is the Star that makes everyone on the kingdom have a festive soul, and without it, there will be no Christmas... You need to save it from Bowsers claws! The game is buggy because it was made in a few days, but it's playable. Gonna make a version with lesser bugs soon. 

 Download Version 1.0(MediaFire)

Super Mario Winter Chaos 2 - Clash on the Blizzard Land

Mario Iceblock Madness

A simple puzzle game. Inspired by the obscure GBA game "Guru Logic Champ", in this game you have to place and remove ice blocks on certain places to form an image. This is no simple task as it sounds - often you are blocked by other immovable areas and so must improvise a solution by constantly constructing and deconstructing your own blocks. Heh, thanks a little to Wikipedia for that bit of description, based on it's Guru Logic Champ article.

Anyways, just one person has ever finished this game as far as I know - that's me. I hope someone else can finish it too someday, haha.